I’m Irene Pavone and I’m a wedding planner based in Turin, Italy.

I love planning weddings and I have been lucky and determined enough to turn my passion into my work.

My years of experience in the world of weddings and my established team of trusted suppliers makes me confident and proactive when it comes to tackling every new adventure with professionalism.

Being both creative and pragmatic are vital qualities for any wedding planner, and this line of work gives me room to express both these complementary sides of my personality.

I love good food, the company of a good book and travelling.

I love people who are in love.

I love crafting weddings that reflect the bride and groom, their story and their personality; I am dedicated to honing the finer details that effortlessly and naturally contribute to creating a unique event!

Do you have any questions or would you like to set up an appointment?
I look forward to learning all about you!